Families For A Nuclear Free Future (FFANFF) is a community network based in Alice Springs. We have a united voice and are opposed to the exploration and mining of uranium at the Angela Pamela site and to the perpetuation of the nuclear fuel cycle around the world.

Families For A Nuclear Free Future is committed to ensuring a safe and sustainable future for our children and community. Alice Springs is our home, our family home.


Pram Jam, Alice Springs - A peaceful, family friendly demonstration of community concern about uranium exploration at Angela Pamela.

Through peaceful community participation, education, and awareness raising actions we will continue to uphold the right to a safe and nuclear free home.

We recently formed to protest against the granting of an exploration license at the Angela Pamela uranium deposit, only 20kms from Alice Springs. This exploration license poses a threat to the environment, our health and the social stability of Alice Springs.

We are not a ‘nuclear’ family, but a ‘solar’ family. We are a community gathered under the sun, related to each other by the clean air we breathe, the ground we walk on and the precious artesian water that we rely on for our survival.

Families For A Nuclear Free Future is a mobilising and capacity building network. We work together to encourage the Alice Springs community to be informed and actively support a Nuclear Free Alice Springs, towards a Nuclear Free Northern Territory and ultimately a Nuclear Free Australia. We care for our children’s future and the future of our community.

As the network grows we write more letters, dream up future actions, walk the streets in Pram Jams with our children, talk to our neighbours and friends about nuclear issues and demand politicians listen and represent us. We have established an online networking site to keep our community connected and informed. The network continues to grow since our inception at the start of November 2008.

Families For A Nuclear Free Future is here to encourage you, empower you and link you up together. We are proud to stand up for our future and support our solar city.